Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia, LLC

A 501(c)(3) Organization

Visiting Program

Are you a person with a temporary or permanent ostomy or continent diversion?

If so, you can request to speak with a volunteer who is successfully living with an intestinal or urinary ostomy/continent diversion/small bowel transplant. The Visiting Program is designed to provide new ostomy patients with contact from trained and certified individuals who themselves have been through surgery and have learned to successfully live with an ostomy.

The Visiting Program consists of volunteers of all ages. You are linked to a volunteer for consultation and support either prior to, or after surgery and after leaving the hospital. This service is free of charge and your confidentiality is assured. The initial contact is usually over the telephone, or by email and could include personal visits, upon mutual agreement. We attempt to match ostomy type, age and gender as much as possible.

Seeing and/or talking with a person who has experienced the same surgery and is now successfully managing an ostomy, provides support and establishes confidence in the new patients’ ability to return to everyday living. Our visitors have ―been through it and have learned to successfully live with an ostomy or urinary diversion.

This free service is provided by OSGNV, an affiliate of the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc.

If you have any questions or comments, or to schedule a time to meet with a visitor, do not hesitate to contact OSGNV via telephone at 703-802-3457.

Sincerely, The President
Craig writes:
“As a young man who went for exploratory surgery and ended up with a permanent ostomy, I was looking for any help I could get from folks who had lived with an ostomy. I was dependent on a visiting nurse and was desperate to get information from others on how to change and care for this new device that had so changed things. Unfortunately, through the entire “check-out” procedure at the hospitals and follow-up with doctors, no one had mentioned the visiting program. Although I received lots of brochures about ostomy care and ostomy products, a simple brochure providing that local connection would have meant so much. I have since assisted others and found the experience deeply rewarding. Hopefully, this will encourage you to reach out to this invaluable community resource available to new and existing ostomates at no cost and with privacy maintained.”
Dave writes:
“After about five years of serious ulcerative colitis, I was given a J-Pouch and in the packet from the surgeon, it mentioned the website: www.j-pouch.org. I was immediately able to attend a J-pouch support group meeting in Philadelphia sponsored by CCFA. While there was told of a J-pouch website run by Shaz in Australia. Through those chat rooms I was asked by Larry, a newsletter editor in Indiana, „Are you going to the conference? ‟ the conference was the United Ostomy Association’s annual gathering which happened to be in Philadelphia that year. I went and in the hallway was chatting with a friend, when I remarked „I live in Arlington, VA and there are no support groups in my area.‟ Barbara and Donna just happened to overhear the remark and immediately told me of the Northern Virginia Ostomy Support Group, and the rest is history.”

Disclaimer: Visitors do not give medical advise or recommend products from specific manufactures. Our visitors are independent, non paid volunteers and their opinions are their own and are not endorsed by OSGNV.

If you want more information, you can call us at 703-802-3457 or email info@osgnv.org.