Thank you for your interest in donating ostomy supplies. There is a great need for these products both nationally and internationally. The Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia does not have the resources to receive or disperse donated ostomy items. These organizations will provide receipts for tax purposes when requested.

There are two ways you can donate spare supplies: (1) take them to regional drop off locations in person, or (2) ship them to charities that have large warehouses for ostomy products.   

A     2 Regional Drop-off locations in the greater Washington DC area

One location is in Fredericksburg VA; and the other, in Frederick MD.

Kenny’s Closet – Mary Washington Healthcare Regional Cancer Center Fredericksburg, Va.  They will only accept in-person donations on Thursdays between 10am and noon. Donations by delivery in any form (no mail, UPS or FedEx) will not be accepted. For more information call 540-741-1751 or email  The address is: Mary Washington Healthcare Regional Cancer Center, 1300 Hospital Drive, Suite 305, Fredericksburg, Va 22401

Phoenix Ostomy Supply Closet– Frederick Memorial Hospital Frederick, Md.  This is open by appointment only until further notice. Please call 301-663-1203 for appointment.  The address is: Frederick Memorial Hospital, 501 Toll House Avenue (across from Frederick Memorial Hospital on 7th Street). Enter the 7th Street side of the building and follow the hallway, in a conference room on the right.  For more information email

B      2 Charities to which you can ship your spare supplies by mail or UPS or FedEx. Both of these charities maintain warehouses of supplies staffed by volunteers.

Osto Group serves people in need of ostomy supplies within the United States. Supplies from the warehouse are sent to people who request them for the cost of shipping.  The contact information is: Osto Group, 3500 45th Street, Suite #16A, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33407.  Telephone 877-678-6690

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (FOW) supplies people around the world who need ostomy products, often because these products are unavailable in the country. The contact information is: FOW-USA, 4018 Bishop Lane Louisville, KY, 40218       www.fowusaorg  or

Thank you again, not only for your supply donation but also for thinking of those in need and taking the time to help make their lives better.

Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia (OSGNV) Visitor Program