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Hosted by Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia and its satellite:

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_____ Vegetable Neapolitan (Roasted Vegetables including eggplant, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, onion and tomato with a tomato bisque sauce; served with white rice)

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Ostomy Conference—  Please reference block code: OS1 or the “Ostomy Conference”

Three Workshops will be offered during each of the three time-frame Sessions below. Session #A includes Workshops #1, 2 & 3; Session B includes Workshops #4, 5 & 6; and Session C includes Workshops #7, 8 & 9. Please indicate one (1) Workshop from each of the three Sessions that you would like to attend. You can make other choices later; this is just for advance space considerations. Workshops subject to change.



 Session A

___ #1 Looking Into Colostomy Irrigation: Visualizing the Ins and Outs

Is colostomy irrigation for you? An often asked question for which colostomates constantly seek informative, accurate answers. This workshop provides critical information to assist both experienced and new colostomates with detailed information concerning irrigation. The six W’s will provide detailed insight: WHO are likely candidates and can perform the irrigation? WHY this process may be for you…returning to activities of daily living? WHAT is colostomy irrigation and the supplies needed? WHEN is the best time of day? WHAT are the processes? And WHERE to perform the actions: Home?   Vacation? The workshop leaders include an experienced user of the irrigation process

___ #2 Looking Into Ileostomies: Examining Critical Health Factors

This workshop examines the many variables associated with maintaining proper health critical to ileostomates. It includes important questions to ask concerning over the counter medications, their absorption and effects, the importance of proper hydration with specific fluids, how to avoid and manage blockage, and facts concerning surgical reversal.

 ___ #3 Looking Into Urostomies: Achieving Proper Balance

This informative workshop includes a basic review of urinary system functions now being performed without a bladder. Additional discussions focus on balancing multiple medication use and impacts, preventing recurrent urinary tract infections, dehydration impacts, effective hydration, awareness of potential kidney complications and informational resources.

   Session B

___ #4 Taking a Closer Look: Peristomal Skin Care

This workshop is a conference favorite, led by a certified Ostomy Nurse, impacting all ostomy types. Proper Peristomal skin care is critical for maintaining healthy ostomies. Join fellow ostomates to learn about basic skin care principles, ostomy-specific skin problems, best practices for maintaining healthy skin, proven solutions for addressing skin issues and the types of products used  to assist in resolving typical skin issues.

___ #5 Looking Good: Exercise, Fitness and Physical Therapy

Staying fit is an important component for overall ostomy health. Join fellow ostomates and caregivers in learning about the best types of exercise strategies for all ages and the proper equipment to use when exercising. Additional focus is provided on how much and how often one should exercise, helpful fitness tips, and what role physical therapy plays in overall fitness and rehabilitation.

___ #6 Looking Out for Each Other: Caregivers and Ostomates

Be a part of this highly interactive, facilitator supported, open discussion in one of our most popular workshops! Group members drive the discussion, introduce personally important topics, ask questions and seek experience driven answers. Sharing resource knowledge and personal experiences offers valuable, often unique insight concerning a variety of supportive concerns.

 Session C

___ #7 Keeping an Eye on Your Nutritional Ins and Outs

“You are what you eat” was a noteworthy mantra of nutritionists in the recent past. It has special meaning to ostomates! So what is “good” nutrition for ostomates?  Join in this workshop and learn why the professionals believe it is so important. Staying hydrated, blockage-causes and remedies, common problem foods, when and what you should eat, how much, and why a meal plan might be a good option for you are core topics of this workshop.

___ #8 Gaze Into Your Mind, Spirit and Body

Complementary and alternative medicines and practices have gained unprecedented popularity. This workshop focuses on the most recognizable options to facilitate management of ostomy related issues. These include physical practices that have been used successfully for centuries such as acupuncture and yoga, and herbal alternatives such as medical marijuana.

___ #9 So You Have An Ostomy: Looking At The Road Ahead

Gaining and maintaining a critical awareness of ostomy related daily functional, dietary and medical issues such as hernias, blockages, leaks and ostomy- hygiene is essential. Compound that with selecting correct skin barriers, applying your pouch correctly, who to contact and where to go for help demands concentrated focus on challenges with which you must deal. This workshop will identify and discuss strategies for dealing with these complex issues.

___#10-13 Round Table Discussions

Join your fellow ostomates and other attendees in an open forum discussion of all things specific to you and your ostomy. Sessions are separated according to individual types of ostomy and one for young adults (or young at heart!). Experience-driven, open discussion between attendees is a key ingredient in keeping the interaction lively and informative. Ostomates sharing personal experience is the winning formula for these very popular workshops. Moderators ensure topics stay focused and continuous. Join in and share your thoughts!

 __ Colostomates                __ Ileostomates                  __ Urostomates                  __ Young Adults

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