Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia, LLC.

A 501(c)(3) Organization
The Volunteer and OSGNV

Good Day Fellow Ostomates and Caregivers:

Have you ever wondered how the Ostomy Support Group of Northern Virginia (OSGNV) is able to coordinate, manage and execute all the activities so many of us have come to enjoy, and in many cases, depend on? From the newsletter to monthly support meetings, to special educational activities to regional conferences, all these activities are organized and executed by volunteers from our many local ostomates and caregivers.

OSGNV is a non-profit organization. We receive zero supplemental or government funds to assist us in carrying on our critical support work for all varieties of ostomates. Instead, we judiciously apply OSGNV membership dues to offer the many support activities you, as fellow ostomates and caregivers, enjoy throughout the year. Our OSGNV organization even offers support to the Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (FOW) organization in assisting ostomates around the globe obtain the products they need to maintain their health and daily routines.

As much as we do, as much as we offer, our collective success relies on one critical element….YOU! Every aspect of our organization and all the activities we provide relies on our member/caregiver volunteers. From the OSGNV Board of Directors down to the wonderful folks who provide water, coffee and snacks during our meetings is all made possible through our volunteers. Without them…. without you….our organization would collapse and along with that, all of the support we provide to the local community.

Over the last two years COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on families, businesses, and social organizations, including the OSGNV. Now, as we try to reassemble what was lost during the pandemic, we are reaching out to our close-knit ostomy community for assistance. OSGNV is in dire need of you, our loyal members, to step forward and volunteer to help us maintain the critical support we provide. We are asking that you strongly consider setting aside a few hours out of your busy schedules to assist our organization that, in turn, assists so many ostomates throughout our region. Specifically, we need volunteers and assistance in the following areas:

Newsletter Production: We now have a volunteer editor for the newsletter, Paula Golladay. However, we need volunteers to help with the production of the newsletter. These production tasks include taking each issue of the newsletter to the printer for printing, getting ready the printed copies in envelopes for mailing to the OSGNV members who opt to have a paper copy, and taking these copies to the post office for mailing. There will be four mailings in a year (February, May, August, and November).

Program Committee: This committee is responsible for setting the monthly meeting agenda. This may include identifying and coordinating with individuals who would be of benefit speaking at one of our monthly meetings, setting the meeting agendas, identifying the requirements to conduct a successful meeting and working with the Logistics and Technology committees to ensure a successful and rewarding meeting experience for our members.

Logistics Committee: The Logistics Committee arranges to set-up and take down equipment/furniture for in person meetings. The committee conducts liaison with the Program and Audio-Visual Committees for any additional requirements to make the meeting a success.

Meeting Hosts/Registration: This activity is focused on ensuring our members are personally greeted, registered, and provided a nametag and given information concerning our monthly meetings. Your smiling faces certainly set the tone for our regularly scheduled, highly interactive and educational events.

Technology Programs: This far-reaching committee is concerned with websites, OSGNV e-mail address(es), OSGNV telephones and answering machines. This committee will arrange for a sub-committee for audio-visual services utilized by OSGNV, which may involve setting them up for meetings or operating them as required. Technology Program also may coordinate Zoom licenses.

Income Development Program: This program looks for funding avenues for the OSGNV, which may involve obtaining grants from both internal and external sources of the UOAA. The Program coordinates the OSGNV annual income program for OSGNV (currently the No-Show Ball). Also, the Program works with the Treasurer to make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning annual dues.

Our OSGNV Board of Directors thank you for your dedication and volunteer participation in making our organization the very best it can be. And please remember, without YOU there would be no US!
Contact us at info@osgnv.org.