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Edited by Bobbie Brewer, UOAA UPDATE 11/2012


  • A skin barrier paste is used to “caulk” around the stoma or to fill in uneven skin surfaces. Not everyone needs to use it.
  • A little dab will do you.  Use only a small bead of paste (not toothpaste size.)
  • When using paste around the stoma, apply to the pouch rather than the skin and allow it to dry for one minute before touching so it will not stick to your finger.

Pouch Security…

  • If your use a 2 piece system, the pouch may not be totally secured when you snap it on and could fall off when it’s half full.  Make sure the pouch is snapped to the flange securely by snapping it together at the bottom and working your way to the top. Give a little tug on the pouch to test its lock, but make sure you hold the wafer so you don’t break the seal.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a shower without your pouch.  Soap cannot hurt the stoma, however, rinse well (and rinse again).  After bathing with the pouch off, pat dry and allow a few seconds to close the pores before putting on a new wafer.
  • Wear your pouch inside your underwear for support. FOR MEN: try jockey-type shorts. FOR WOMEN: try brief panties with some lycra (light stretch) to the material.


  • If you are staying overnight, consider carrying a “chuck pad” with plastic backing for your piece of mind. Put it on the bed and now you have no need to worry about night time leaks.
  • Always carry an extra replacement pouching system in case you spring a leak while away from home and always carry extra clips in case you drop one in the toilet.
  • Some men with excessive hair find it painful to remove the wafer/barrier. Shaving with an electric razor or trimming hairs with scissors is helpful.
  • If you do not use pre-cut wafers try using a seam ripper (for fabric) for cutting the size you need for barriers/wafers.
  • Put skin prep (spray or wipe) around the inner edge of the wafer to help prevent the wafer from “melting” away too quickly.
  • Don’t expect to get the same pouch wear time in the summer months.
  • Sew or purchase a pouch cover if the plastic pouch against your skin is uncomfortable.
  • If you participate in very active sports, use a 10” strip of 2 inch tape to secure the pouch and barrier/wafer to your abdomen (picture frame).
  • Ziplock sandwich bags are useful and odor-proof for disposing of used ostomy pouches.

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