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Always protect the abdominal muscles if coughing or sneezing as a parastomal hernia can develop and a support belt can make a difference.


General Information:


Always have Lomotil and Imodium plain and Imodium ES (extra strength) available. Imodium is by far the better choice as it does not contain Atropine or Anti-cholinergics which can have ramifications with many medications as well as side effects.


Pouch options with the Flu:

If you have a closed pouch switch to a drainable one and finally if you do get excoriated or raw peristomal skin use Milk of Magnesia; Mylanta or Maalox and dab it onto the raw skin areas and blow dry on low until a white dry crust is seen. One can pouch on top of the white crust and the raw skin will be healed within 24 hours..


Always try to have a variety of pouches available at all times. Simply contact your vendors and ask for free samples.


Get your Flu shot —- it is worth it.



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